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Dazzling. Captivating. Sexy.

Tipsy Totes is committed to providing high quality, amazing products for wine, beer and alcohol consumers.  So visually tantilizing!  Who can refuse a Tipsy Tote? From Mermaid Sequins to Corset Totes, 

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Yes! Everyone really does need a Tipsy Totes Cute Koozie! Here's why. There's a million varieties of koozies - or whatever you want to call them!  We've seen them called koozie, coolie, and koolie. We've even come across kooli, cooli, cozi, cuzi, cozy, and kozy.  Whatever  it is you want to call them, Tipsy Totes has made the best cute koozies!  Google Super Cute Sequin Koozies and see what happens!  That's Right! You see Tipsy Totes' Koozies and we dominate - google doesn't lie. With sequins, fur, plush materials and insulation, you can't go wrong with a Tipsy Totes koozie .  Forget...

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