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2019 Wine & Beer Lovers' Gift Guide - What Oprah's Favorite Things Didn't Get To

Tipsy Totes has unique, and fabulous gifts for wine drinkers, beer drinkers and the party people we all love! Were we overlooked by Oprah's Favorite things? A little...BUT! We’ve compiled a list of our own favorite Holiday Gift Giving items and why we love them, plus who appreciates them the most.
Am I biased in writing this? Yes. But we have amazing gifts...So read on for a good laugh and all the holiday gifts you can handle.  And on a side note, we appreciate our email subscribers, so if you aren’t on the list…you should be! The best deals and notifications go out to the loyal Tipsy email friends. ~Cheers!
And now on to the main event!
Our first and most beloved holiday gift is the Santa Koozie!
We’re gonna Jingle all the way to work with this one! The koozie holds beer or water and is a delight! We’ll have water at work of course. The Holiday Season is filled with Santa Fun Runs, Parties, and Gift Exchanges…you can’t go wrong with a Santa Koozie on any of these occasions! So SUIT UP your beers! And Ho ho ho-ly moly it’s adorable!  Its a fabulous price and beloved by everyone! Made in the USA by our very own Tipsy Elves.
Second Up is the Silver Diva Tote!
As women, we love to multi-task. And this gift does it ALL. It’s Sparkly and bright for the Holiday Season, its a wine tote, it’s insulated, it’s a Hostess Gift, it’s a must-have on hand because I forgot Sara but she’ll never know because I have this amazing wine tote for her. The price is ridiculous for this Gem of a Gift, so stock up!
If you are on the email list you would know we had a MAJOR sale and they were buy 2 get 1 FREE. Don’t miss another opportunity like that - get on the list!
Silver Diva Tote by Tipsy Totes
Our number 3 pick is the Santa’s Sleigh Pampering Set!
This set is adorable and everything she needs to relax with the added stress of the Holiday Season. We all need a little stress relief and self care. This gift is perfect for her. Santa delivers a festive sleigh full of lotions, scrubs and even a lip balm to melt the stress away. Choice of scents (all amazing) and ships for free so send it to your bff and make her holidays about her.
Number 4 is Our Cowboy Boot Koozie!
We LOVE a little Giddy-Up in our Stockings on Christmas morning and this will do it! Our Boot Koozie holds both beer and water bottles so it’s perfect for a ride to stay hydrated or Beer Me while we’re out doing a little Boot Scootin Boogie on the dance floor. If you prefer Ya’ll to you all this might be the prefect gift for you! YeeHaw!
 Cowboy Boot Koozie by Tipsy Totes
Next, at number 5 we have a Tipsy Totes Favorite! The Cheetah Bustier.
Not for the faint of heart, this one is guaranteed to stimulate the senses. From her sleek satin finish to her visual curves and ability to hold 2 bottles of wine…she’s a keeper for sure!
There’s so many uses for this corset tote. She’s adorable as a purse, a little Girls’ Night accessory, for the couples it’s a nice way to present a lingerie gift, and let’s not forget she holds 2 bottles of wine - just enough for me and the bestie to drink while  watching those Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies. Bottoms Up Ladies!
Leopard Bustier Tote  by Tipsy Totes
And An All Around Favorite Gift Item #6…the Pink Sequin Koozie.
With so many fun gifting items it’s hard to rank Tipsy Totes. This is by far our number 1 Summer item - pool parties, cruise vacations, picnics and all. But let’s count all the ways you can use it in Winter too! Never lose your beer in the snow, keeps you hand warm, sparkly when it’s dark at 4pm, it’s just FUN. Koozies help you make memories…because no good story ever started with so I was sipping some milk.
You can never go wrong with a koozie by Tipsy Totes and the pink is a best seller! Think amazing stocking stuffer, holds a wine cooler or bottle of Rosé and is the best non-tech gift you can give. The best memories are made when you experience life, forget the screens.
Pink Sequin Koozie by Tipsy Totes
And the best reasons to shop at Tipsy Totes
  1.  Shop in your PJs with wine! www.tipsytotes.com
  3.  Support a Small Business - Mother/Daughter Team
  4.  Unique Gifts
  5.  Because we all need a drink and Ubering to the store is a hassle.
Tipsy Totes leads to More Experiences...Less Laptop. More Memories, More Stories, More Laughs, More Meaning in Your Life.
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I got the Santa koozies and I love them. They do feel real nice and I like to always celebrate Christmas.


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