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50 Shades of Valentine's Day

How do you know Valentine’s Day is coming?  We’ll give you a hint!  Take a hugely popular book trilogy and throw in Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan and what do you have?  The Valentine’s Day release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie!  Between the book and the movie, 50 Shades of Grey has sparked a phenomenon causing an obsession over everything from the so called “mommy porn” to spanking and handcuffs.

We’re here to help make Valentine’s Day a full 50 Shades event!  Sadly, we cannot turn your husband, boyfriend, or lover into Christian Grey.  We can however, help set the mood a bit.

Check out one of our most popular Wine Labels - the 50 Shades Wine Labels! Perfect for a romantic night in, or a 50 Shades party with the Girls. Don't miss this Must Have for any 50 Shades Fan! You'll be sorry.  And they're FREE! AND...post on social media and we'll reward you! Details here https://tipsytotes.com/products/50-shades-of-grey-printable-wine-labels

Need the handcuff accessories? Find them here https://tipsytotes.com/products/handcuffs 

Let’s talk about the suggestive 50 Shades Corset Tote! 

She’ll set the sensual mood and hold the “tools” for a fun night.  As a double wine tote she’ll obviously hold 2 bottles of wine or champagne but tonight is about More We recommend a single bottle of your favorite wine, spirit or champagne and something a little more…Grey.  Tipsy Totes has a collection of plain or furry handcuffs and a variety of blindfold/eye masks.  Adding these will certainly help you channel your inner Christian and Ana.

The Bustier Tote is all about presentation.  Fill her with your handcuffs, an eye mask and maybe add some chocolates and candles, or even a length of rope.  

Your 50 Shades Valentine’s Day is all about her pleasure.  

Make it special! 

If you aren’t into Red Room Games, we have something more Vanilla for you.  Try our sweet romantic totes like the Together Forever or I Cherish Our Time Together totes or wine bags.  They make a simple heart-felt declaration of love.



Whatever you’re into this Valentine’s Day, we have something for you.  

We’ll help you make it a night to remember!



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