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50 Shades of Valentine's Day

Looking to step it up this Valentine’s Day?  Add that spark to a night when something special is already expected?  We have ideas - Let Tipsy Totes help you make Date Night spectacular!

50 Shades Valentine's Day Ideas for Date Night


It’s no secret our 50 Shade of Grey Wine Labels (#TipsyLabels) are an attention-getting and fun accessory.  But what if it wasn’t just an accessory? What if your whole Valentine’s Day revolved around the steamy, sensual 50 Shades movement?  And it is a movement! It changed society. Say what you will, but women spoke up after reading it. The books started a conversation and women felt free to discuss subjects that they may not have considered before.   Millions of books sold, movies made, and we’re sure handcuffs sold, sex toys experimented with and too many fantasies to count have been conjured up in the bedroom.  So let’s LIVE IT UP!


We’ve put together a vanilla version of a 50 Shades of Valentine’s Day Experience.  You go ahead and make it as vanilla or kinky as you like! Want to try something new? Use this as a starting point! Want to keep it light and lustful? See below!  There’s no wrong way to 50 Shades your night!


We mentioned an experience based on 50 Shades of Gray. By experience we mean the theme carries through your night, however you decide that looks - with or without a safe word.  Of Course we’re going to start with wine…what else would the Tipsy Totes ladies start with?? You can download our suggestive and Free 50 Shades Wine labels here. Set the mood with your wine!

 50 Shades of Grey Printable Labels - Free!

Our 50 Shades Valentine’s Date Night includes a special aphrodisiac cocktail, handcuffs and a sweet treat as a reward…or however you plan on using that frosting!  And don’t forget the tie.

While we love our wine, we did go with something a bit stronger for the occasion!  We wanted to start with something sensual.  Something different.  Something Unexpected.  Our aphrodisiac cocktail is vodka base martini with a smoked oyster to get you in the mood!  Aphrodisiac and courage enhancer!

 A Tipsy Totes Valentine's Night with 50 Shades and Aphrodisiac Martinis


Here’s what we used - double for 2 cocktails.


1oz vodka

1oz black olive juice

1 tbsp of pickled onion juice

Mix in a shaker with ice.  Pour into a martini glass and garnish with smoked oyster, pickled cocktail onion and a black olive.  Adjust ingredients to taste if necessary.

 We love the salty, earthy flavor of the martini and the aphrodisiac properties are sure to make you scream later!  We added a fun vibe to our martini presentation with the handcuffs…because presentation matters, right!  It hints what’s to come.  And hints build tension, teasing senses and thoughts.

Want more detailed instructions on how we made the cocktail? Click Here!

 For any over-achieving women who want to go the extra mile to make it a BIG production 50 Shades night, those Pinterest ladies have it all figured out. Search for other ideas, decor, check out lingerie, and most of all…have some fun!  Make it a night to remember…wink, wink!

 Again…find the FREE, printable 50 Shades #TipsyLabels here!

We love when friends share photos of how they use our products - so send them to us or tag us on social media!  Have an amazing display? We want to see it! 

     Sonja & Ursula with 50 Shades Labels                     Sonja in the French Maid Apron Having Fun!

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