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Best Goals for 2020 - What New Years Resolutions Are You Making for 2020?

The New Year, and the NEW DECADE are upon us. What do you want to accomplish and how are you going to get there?  Tipsy Totes investigates Goals, Resolutions and that Boss Mentality for 2020. Because we have goals too!

Best Goals 2020

Most of us like to make goals every year, and too often the same goals every year.  And if we’re being real here, (why not, it’s just you and me), how often do we fall off the wagon, give up or just feel defeated? And how long did it take to get there? Let’s make 2020 different! Let’s get our shit together and DO something…anything. Here’s some tips I have found helpful over the years.

But before we hit the tips, what are your goals? Feel free to leave a note in the comments! We’d love to hear from you and support you. I promise you aren’t alone. These are the most made goals and new year’s resolutions. I know I’ve revisited some of these a year or 2 maybe 5...start a diet, exercise, quitting smoking, lose weight. Seems like we all think about our health in the new year after Holiday binges and treats from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

Top Goal in 2020 is Weight Loss

So what is the best goal for 2020? It’s the goal that means something to you and one you want for a deeply personal reason. How far you get with your goals is up to you. Which brings us to the tips. #1 No matter what you want to achieve, a goal or resolution demands a new way of thinking and a new set of actions. There is a saying: “Change your thoughts and you change your world” Norman Vincent Peale. I think this is the ultimate truth.  Your mindset determines everything. Are you going to beat yourself up for having that left over Christmas cookie? Or are you going to say, I chose to eat that and when I have dinner tonight, I will make sure to balance it with a healthier choice. If your world is black and white you may beat yourself up over a slip and then spiral down and give up. Even a 1% change adds up over time.  Which brings us to tip #2.

Tip #2 Remember your Why. When a goal is deeply personal, we tend to give it more value and have a specific reason or feeling behind what it is we want. Changing habits and mindset is a challenge, if it wasn’t, New Year’s Resolutions wouldn’t be a thing! But we are human and we backslide at times and struggle with those patterns and old habits. It can feel like a haunting as we go through the journey of change! We want something different and the old crap we want dead keeps showing up. When you remember your Why, it helps cement that feeling and reason for the new behavior or goal. It’ll give you motivation and inspiration. Sure, that temptation might win a round or two, but your Why keeps you at it. And while we discuss the temptation, remember this really is a journey! Give yourself some grace. We are all on a path and no one walks it but you. All or nothing rarely works in the long run and we want forever results. Balance and healthy self love are long term solutions. 

Tip #3 Accountability is key. Does life happen to you? It’s a harsh reality when you figure out that living this way puts you undeniably in victim mentality. Yes, some things are absolutely out of our control. And Yes, bad things do happen. Is there a different way to look at the situation? Is there anything you could have done differently that would have impacted the outcome? Was there a life lesson in it? This mind shift can have a huge effect on your goals. When you can take some part of the responsibility for things that happen you can own the experience and adjust accordingly. If you have no time for healthy eating because you work, chauffeur the kids to activities, help with homework, not to mention housework, a social life and sleep (we all need more sleep) how do you reconcile the goal with the lack of time? Is there a meal prep service you can work with? Can you throw ingredients in a crockpot and come home to a meal?  Is there a day of the week you can enlist help to grocery shop and meal prep as a family? I don’t have all the answers, but an open mind and your Why can open doors you may not have seen before.

Let’s wrap it up! The Best Goals for 2020 are the ones you WANT to keep and have a certain level of dedication to actualizing. It isn’t easy to change old patterns and develop new habits. New Year’s Fun Fact : Only about 8% of resolutions made will be kept. Most people drop out before January is even over.  This can bring up more feelings like being a failure, shame, disinterest. Which brings us to our last tip - #4 Find an accountability partner. We aren’t talking about a drill sergeant, I’m talking about a kind soul who will talk you off a proverbial ledge if you ever needed it, tell you that it’s a journey and you are doing great, and of course the friend who will participate in healthy activities to help break those old habits.  But most importantly call you out when you’re not being real with yourself…there’s the tough love.   

Friendship support

This is one of my favorite quotes:

 “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu.

What is your destiny?

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