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Calling All Moms!

Back to School

The stress of summer and constant demand to entertain, the exhausting family vacation, the lack of direction and structure, the arguing siblings, the creative messes because "we were bored", and the seriously scary - holy crap I haven't heard a peep from them in an hour. We're grateful to have school and teachers back!  Seriously, teachers are underappreciated, under-valued and under-paid.  Make sure this next teacher's appreciation day you give them something awesome!  You know your kid and what he or she is capable of; mischief, mayhem, incredibly creative excuses and occasionally, angelic behavior.

School's Starting Funny Billboard

 We love our kids and treasure the time spent with them, and now it's time to send them back to school!  It's every mom's delight (for us anyway) after a long, hot summer filled with 3 months of what schools calls "vacation. " It must have been the teachers that named it "summer vacation"  because I certainly didn't feel  like I was on a 3 month "vacation".   It is time off for the kids, so you have plans and goals and quality time all scheduled.  And then 2 weeks in and everything goes to hell.  It's tv, laziness and my favorite - it's summer I don't want to read a book.  So what's a Mom to do?  Finding that exhausting balance between you have to do this and I give up I'm having a margarita won't solve any problems, but sometimes it just feels so right.

First Day of School from Different Points of View

Funny meme about back to school

 While you're out shopping for school supplies to give your kids the proper  back to school send off, remember to stock up on celebratory supplies for yourself too.  After all, you did survive the long hot summer and that's worth celebrating!  Cheers!

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