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Canned Wine Is A Thing Now

If you love wine it’s hard to get away from seeing the canned wine phenomenon everywhere you look.  I literally see it everywhere. On social media, in ads, wine articles, in stores. Canned wine is everywhere!!

Canned Wine Tasting with Tipsy Totes

I am especially intrigued by the canned wine because I love going to outdoor events and many in Vegas allow you to bring in your own food and beverages. Canned wine is easy to bring along, no risk of breaking glass (a story for another day), and it’s basically pre-portioned single serving sized, so take what you want and there’s no chugging or God forbid dumping of leftovers at the end of the night.


So Tipsy Totes decided to do our due diligence and see what all the fuss is about.  It’s such a tough life, tasting a bunch of fun wines.  Instead of just a Tipsy Totes opinion, we enlisted our friend Susan Rendon! Self-proclaimed wine Fan-atic and enthusiast.  We’ll take it a step further and call her a wine snob with an open mind. And we love her for that!

Susan Rendon and Ursula

In preparation, I went to one of my favorite stores, Total Wine. Shout out to Total Wine (and when are you going to stock Tipsy Totes?)  The selection of canned wine varied from the normal red, white, rosé and Sangria varieties you would normally see, to carbonated varieties like Social brand Sparkling Wine with fruity flavors like apple and coconut.  We might have to review some of those others later…they sound so enticing and Summer-y. We’ll have a pool-side tasting party!

The wines I picked up at Total Wine included mostly Reds since I prefer red wine. Here’s what we sampled: We Are California Chardonnay, Seven Daughters Pinot Noir, Black Box Merlot, Big Sipper Wine (Red), We Are California Red Blend, and the Original House Wine Red Blend.

Wine Tasting with Tipsy Totes

What’s the First Rule of Wine Club?? Anyone?

DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE! It’s pretty much the only rule. Just because someone says it’s the best or worst doesn’t mean your pallet will agree. Go figure out what you like!  Remember, the opinions in this blog are just that – Our Opinions!

We Are California Chardonnay:  It’s a very sweet white wine. It came in a tiny can…so adorable! As someone who likes to drink I would down several of the cans, so be aware of the size factor. For light-weights/cheap dates it would probably be the perfect serving size!  Since the wine was a bit sweet for Susan and I, we thought making a white sangria with it would be amazing – just add fruit.

Seven Daughters Pinot Noir: We both drank this red wine chilled but thought the flavors would be better super cold. “Drink Cold” was definitely noted on our tasting sheets. It was a nice wine – we would buy it again – great a camping trip or a beach bonfire. We would also consider mixing flavors with this one. Throwing in some fruit or spicing it up with a liqueur even.

Black Box Merlot: Susan and I noted that we both liked the finish on this wine – a solid finish with dried cherry notes. We both agreed we would definitely purchase it again and gave it high marks in the flavor/taste department.  It’s important to note that this wine was in a coated cardboard box, it was not a canned wine.

We Are California Chardonnay picture for Tipsy Totes Wine Tasting

We don't want to wear out our welcome...the rest of the tasting will be posted shortly! Check back and see what the FINAL Decisions was. 

Don't forget to leave your feedback! Have you tried a Canned Wine you fell in love with? Let us know! 



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