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Custom Gifts to Make Someone's Day

 Custom White T-shirt by Tipsy Totes

Custom Gifts by Tipsy Totes are always a great idea! While we don't always advertise these services, many of our clients come to us to solve problems like: what should I gift my important clients, what should I get my girlfriend, what do you recommend for my mother? Custom gifting makes a valuable connection that people remember. It's all about relationships and meaning.


I have compiled a picture look book, if you will, of some of the custom items we worked on during the Holiday season. We had a busy season with plenty of rush orders. In the hectic pace of the managing everything we didn't always get pictures (or sometimes blurry pictures is what I got) so not all of my favorites are here, unfortunately. There's still plenty of amazing custom products to give you an idea of what we can do.  And remember, if you have a gifting problem – we have a solution. We're here to help you create an amazing and memorable gift for just about anyone from corporate gifts to friends and family.

This series of Aprons was for the Mesquite Club of Las Vegas - a local non-profit dedicated to helping the Las Vegas community. They really love to cook up a good time while raising funds! More later...they had some fun items!

Custom Apron - Love to Stir Things Up  Custom Apron for Mesquite Club - The Oven Is Hot but the Cook Is Hotter    Custom Gift Apron - Just Beat It



A special request for a Mother/Daughter matching painting apron set. Only 1 pictures! But how fun is this concept! Matching aprons for the daughter's passion!

Custom Gift- Painting Apron

One of my favorites! We created this client gift for a new dad. The more meaning you can put behind your custom gifts, the more memorable and heart warming, not to mention unforgettable it is. We put his name on the front of the mug.

Custom Gift Mug corporate gifting



Let's talk totes! Everyone needs a tote bag at some point. They make great custom gifts. From errands to grocery store runs to files that you need - totes are always in season!  We may have had a bunch of women who all saw the same samples and fell in love with the hot pink tote - as we did! 

Custom Gifting - totes  Custom Tote - Reach for the Stars  Custom Tote - Positive Vibes  Custom Tote - Love

We have clients that allow us some artistic license in what we create for them and we LOVE this! We played with glitter and metallics and fun fonts, flowers and more. While the metallic doesn't photograph as well as I would like, TRUST need this in your life. It's fabulous. Along with the inspirational quotes and messages - which help get us through rough patches, like a pandemic.


And last, but definitely not least, lets talk about custom wearable like t-shirts. We have examples of some shirts made for fun corporate gifting and baby onsies custom made and designed for a Mom-To-Be. From large scale gifting to a very personal gift. We do it all! We also wanted to protect the Mom and Baby so I edited out still get the idea.

Custom Baby Onesies  Custom Gifts for Baby and Mom

Custom Gifts for Dentist  Custom Gift for business - Happy Birthday Celebrations

Custom t-shirts by Tipsy Totes  Custom T-Shirts in Metallics and Foils  Custom T-Shirts Designed and Made by Tipsy Totes  Custom Corporate Logo Polo by Tipsy Totes


We hope this will inspire you to create custom gifts for your friends, family and clients. Let us help you! Contact us to brainstorm ideas or help you bring yours to life!


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