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Cute Wine Gifts Can Make Your Wedding Gift Stand Out Among the Rest

Weddings are significant events to the lives of the people involved in it. It is in these weddings that friends and family get to witness the union of two separate individuals into a single unit that is sure to foster love and care for each other and the children that will come along their way.
It is due to this that being invited to a wedding is a great privilege. The question now lies with what kind of gift should you give to the soon-to-be wedded couple. A CBS News article published August 19, 2013 discusses several things that wedding guests must consider in buying the right gift. Lauren Moraski writes: recommends the following overall disbursement of financial resources: 20 percent on the engagement gift; 20 percent on the bridal shower; and 60 percent on the wedding gift.
"You don't want to give a really lofty engagement present and then realize, 'Now, I don't have enough money to spend on the wedding present.' You really want to plan and allocate what you're giving ahead of time," said Jamie Miles of
If it's a co-worker or a distant friend, recommends spending at least $75-$100 on the wedding present. If you're attending a relative or a friend's wedding, the wedding website suggests somewhere between $100 and $125. "On average, friends spend $79 on the bride and groom's present," said Miles. Family members, meanwhile, spend on average of $146.
Hill says, though, overall wedding guests should assess their budget and how well they know the bride and groom.
There are different reasons why you should make an effort in choosing the perfect gift for the engaged couple. A family member or a close friend to the couple can show his or her deep support for the couple through choosing an item that they would love. If one of the two is a wine lover, then you can consider buying cute wine gifts for them.
Cute Wine Gifts Can Make Your Wedding Gift Stand Out Among the Rest
The reason why a wine gift such as a wine tote bag is a great idea is because it not only takes into account the interest of the couple, but also because it is very practical. In fact, these tote bags can carry up to three wine bottles, perfect for those couples who often go outdoors to enjoy a sip of their favorite red. It shouldn’t be too bad to give a share to other friends, too, as in, say, a picnic setting.
A wine gift is a godsend to a wine lover, so friends and family of a soon-to-be-married wine lover should contact a service like Tipsy Totes to learn more of their options.
(Source: Wedding gift etiquette: What to give and how much, CBS News, August 19, 2013)
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