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Fine Wine in Lovely Wine Totes: Excellent Gifts for Special Occasions

Great food and wine are ever-present fixtures in practically every special occasion. While it is expected of hosts to ensure that everyone has a good time, guests can, in turn, show their appreciation for the host’s efforts in the form of lovely wine gifts.

Corset Wine Tote by Tipsy Totes

According to food and travel writer Aline Lindemann, the cost of the wine itself should matter less than the way it is presented. In particular, the wine bag or tote must at least be enticing enough to indicate that the guest did exert some effort in selecting something that the host will find pleasing. Lindemann’s eHow article briefly discusses wine totes of varying materials and points out what each material has to offer.

Single-bottle wine totes made from cotton canvas sometimes have smaller compartments for food and other accompaniments. The drawstring handle, meanwhile, helps secure the bottle in place while in transit. This type of wine carrier is suitable for small, intimate gatherings.

Bigger canvas wine totes can hold more one than one wine bottle, with compartments included for other wine paraphernalia such as corkscrews and even wine glasses. Some wine totes also have extra room for food, a bottle of olive oil, condiments, and crackers. The best such totes come in unique designs that can complement not only the wine bottle but also the nature of the occasion as well as the recipient’s personality.

A typical wine tote is a cylindrical carrier made from any sturdy cloth or fabric. These days, a number of vendors such as Tipsy Totes offer a variety of customized wine tote options in eye-catching designs that are sure to delight the recipient and at the same time complement the mood or theme of the celebration.

Satiny wine totes with matching accoutrements like lace, feathers, and pearls, for instance, make the perfect bottle carriers for hen parties or a simple girls’ night out. Meanwhile, rock n’ roll or cowboy-themed wine carriers and matching bottle stoppers should appeal to most guys. Whatever the occasion, quality custom wine totes from a company like Tipsy Totes make it more fun for hosts and guests to toast to each other’s good health and fortune.

Corset Totes by Tipsy Totes - a Party Starter for sure!

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