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French Maid Apron

Looking for a little something in your life?  Something…to tantalize?  Something to excite?  Something… spicy?   Allow us to present the fabulous French Maid Apron!

French Maid Apron

No matter how you plan on using your French Maid Apron, we promise you’ll fall in love with it.  From a dressed-up swanky dinner party entertaining to boudoir adventures, she’s perfect for every occasion.

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Having some friend over for dinner? Simply put the French Maid Apron over your Little Black Dress and you have instant Fabulous!  Entertain your friends and family with a subtly sexy outfit. Suggestive, but definitely classy.  Wow your guests with your hosting skills as well as your attire.

French Maid Apron Costume

And as for the boudoir adventures…we’re pretty sure you can figure that part out on your own!   From clothing optional night to sexy vixen Halloween costume, our French Maid is versatile; perfect for all your adventures – in or out of the bedroom.

Fancy French Maid Apron with toole French Maid Apron Adjustable Straps Silk French Maid Apron

Need a quick Halloween costume?  Our French Maid Apron is perfect for that too!  Throw it on and go have your fun!  Add a few fashionable accessories to complete the Halloween Costume like the thigh highs and feather duster and you’re the real deal!

Our French Maid Aprons come in 2 version – Fancy and Regular. 

Fancy French Maid Apron French Maid Aprons French Maid Aprons

The Fancy French Maidhas a built-in petticoat with satin guard for itchless wearing while maintaining the full skirt for maximum sexy effect.  She also features a real bowtie, white satin mini apron with pockets and adjustable straps.  One size fits most.

The regular French Maid conveniently comes in standard and plus sizes, both with adjustable waist and neck ties.  The French Maid features a white mini apron and printed bowtie.  With the classy black and white trim finishing the fanciful details.  Sexy and Sophisticated all in one apron/outfit.

The French Maid is so versatile and fun, what are you waiting for?  Get yours today!


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