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Get healthy in 2020!

Well…it’s the New Year! Do you feel any different yet? Feel the shift of the New Decade? The pull of a new you and goals, aspirations and a fire lit inside maybe? We want success in 2020 - and clear vision, because that one is just obvious with 20/20, right?

2020 Vision for Goals

We tend to make goals for the New Year and often they get buried in the January hustle and bustle of getting back to reality after the Holiday Season comes to an end. Life settles back into routines and all those dark winter nights at 4:30pm. Ouch.  While the New Year brings a new motivation, life sometimes gets in the way. See our blog about keeping New Year’s goals here.

According to a 2017 YouGov survey, the top three resolutions for 2018 were eating healthier, getting more exercise, and saving more money. These were the same results as the year before…Seeing a pattern?

We’re going to focus on the health aspect setting New Year’s Resolutions - because we have health goals too! If you aren’t healthy, life can be miserable. Those of us that are blessed with good health often don’t realize it until we get the flu or a bad cold or God forbid a tragedy strikes. Anyone with chronic pain will tell you their lives aren’t the same. Health is quite possibly the most underrated gift and is taken for granted all the time. So when someone says they want to get healthy in the new year, it's inspiring!

And here’s where Tipsy Totes comes in. While we like our wine and drinks, we still try to live a healthy lifestyle while indulging occasionally.  Life is about balance. Giving something up completely is not inspiring…it’s deprivation and I firmly believe it’ll mess you up psychologically. So here we go with some steps in the right direction towards balance and sustainability!

For those of us who want to swap out unhealthy beverages for more water, try a sparkly koozie! Have you felt the reversible sequins? It’s hard to resist playing with them which is an incentive to pick up the bottle and drink! They are adorable so it’s basically a fashion statement sitting on your desk at work. And it’ll keep your water cold! It’s a win-win-win! Any trigger that helps remind you to sip that water more often is a step in the right direction.

Water Bottle Koozie by Tipsy Totes in Pink Sequins

Now should you want a beer, the Tipsy Totes koozies are perfect for light beer. Less calories and probably more water so it’s another win, right? I’m not hating on light beers, I drink them all the time.  Did you see our post about Heineken having alcohol free beer packs for Dry January? I’ll just take a light beer, thanks! This introvert needs help some days.

Wrapping it up, koozies are a great way to get more water, hide light beers if you feel shamed by those crafty beer people (Can’t we all just get along?), put some fun color in your work day and brighten moods everywhere!

Moving on! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve surely heard of the health benefits of wine. Not surprisingly you can even find beauty products made with components of wine! I doubt that moisturizer will get you tipsy but it’s so interesting to see how many ways wine is used.  While we focus on goals for 2020, I believe a support system is imperative for success. In my support system, we drink wine - for the health benefits of course! The Diva Totes are the perfect way to keep your wine chilled while travelling to the besties’ place. It’s fun and playful while having all the benefits of a wine carrier.

 Wine Tote by Tipsy Totes

It’s a bit chilly or frigid right now, depending on where you are, but in a few months (at least in Vegas) it’ll be warm enough to have a wine picnic and enjoy the outdoor events and state parks again. Studies have shown that just being outside in nature boosts your mood! And a good mood boost is more likely to keep you on track - everything is easier when you’re happy and uplifted! On a side note, is it inappropriate for Soccer Moms to take a wine to practice? Asking for a friend. Mimosas for morning games sound delightful. And orange juice is packed full of vitamin C! Win-Win again!

Did you start reading this and wonder how a Tipsy Tote was going to help with health goals? We do all kinds of things at Tipsy Totes! And we have more in store for 2020! Just wait. You need a blackout divorce party with the girls? We got you! You need positive reinforcement to get healthy? We got you! You need to feel fabulous and drink in style? We DEFINITELY got you!


Whatever your 2020 brings, we hope we can be a fun part of it. And stay tuned for new adventures!

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