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Grand Opening and Expansion Celebration

Tipsy Totes officially celebrated its Grand Opening and Expansion Party on 11.12.13!

November 12th was a night of celebration!  Tipsy Totes invited guests to tour and experience its new location at 1549 W Oakey Blvd in Las Vegas, NV.  Guests were treated to valet service, catered hors d'oevres and wine, of course.  What is a celebration without Champagne and Wine! There was a photobooth to add a sense of fun to the occasion and plenty of wine totes for all!

The Tipsy Totes Ladies had the opportunity to meet Claire Sinclair and custom-create her favorite Pin Up show costume!  The ladies didn't stop there though.  A copy was presented to Ms. Sinclair and an autographed Mini Pin Up Bustier is on display at Tipsy Totes. The "secret message" autographed Pin Up Bustier was presented to her favorite charity, The Animal Foundation.  It will be auctioned off during one of their events to help raise funds for the organization.  As part of Tipsy Totes' on-going commitment to the community, 10% of all sales on 11.12.13 were also donated to Claire Sinclair's charity.

  Take a look at the testimonials of some of our customers and the fun snap shots!


Tipsy Totes would like to thank everyone who made the night a fantastic success! 

Sonja and Ursula enjoyed meeting everyone and the feedback was amazing.  Thank you to all who were generous enough to appear on camera and give testimonials!  

If you would like to purchase any of the pictured items, please contact Tipsy Totes at (702) 366-0399 or  More info is available at  

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