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Have you seen our newest Products?

Tipsy Totes is committed to providing high quality, amazing products for wine, beer and alcohol consumers.  With such a tantalizing selection, who can refuse a Tipsy Tote?

Our #1 product, the Bustier Double Tote or as we sometimes call it the Corset Wine Tote has gotten a make over. While she still has the same sexy shape, function and eye catching flirtiness, the Corset Tote now comes with options like totally touchable reversible sequins in bright alluring colors and textures. She was irresistible before - we dare you to try to keep your hands off her now! Those reversible sequins are addictive! Chose from Hot Pink to Silver sequins, Black to Gold, and Black to Silver. But wait…there’s more! The Red Hot, Red Risque Corset Tote is covered in shiny red metallic lips and finished with red fur. Super sexy and so perfect for a Bachelorette party, Romantic get-aways, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day!

Diva Wine Bags are equally fabulous! These single bottle wine and spirit totes are a must have for every wine drinker.  Going to a BYOB party? Take it in style with the Diva Wine Bag. We took those same tempting reversible sequins and put them on the Diva Wine Bag too! Complete with the sexy feather trim and same secure craftsmanship. Thought the Divas were great at insulating before? Now it’s even better - check it out for yourself!  The price point on the ultra desirable Diva is dynamite! Making the Diva Wine Bag the perfect option for gifting. Diva Totes are the perfect gift for wine lovers on their birthday, dinner parties, GNO and more. Women, Wine and Diva Wine Bags - a match made in Tipsy Heaven!

Enough about Wine...lets talk Beer! Why, yes, our beer koozies did get a bit of an enhancement too. I couldn’t put down those reversible sequins while holding my beer - guilty as charged! They are too much fun, too cute, and get too much attention - is there such a thing as too much attention? Asking for a friend. In any case, our coozies are still the same remarkable insulators but we changed the game! Ladies, use these as fun accessories to accentuate your outfit. Matching cozies for your next girl’s night out. Bachelorette party accessories - the possibilities are endless! The frilly fur on the top of our beer coosie is like the icing on the cake! A sexy koozie is a must for those hectic on the run days - keeps my water cold and looks fantastic.

Dare we talk about the Stiletto Wine Bag/Tote? As shoe lovers ourselves, we have always been in love with the Stiletto, but add some major bling and she is down right magnificent. Insulating and luminous.  Not only do we collect fabulous shoes, now we collect totes! Shimmery, sparkly stilettos are a must have for any shoe lover. Constructed to walk a mile for wine - or with wine- however you want to phrase it, a wine tote in the shape of a shoe is too good to pass up. And seriously, every woman needs her Stiletto Wine Tote.

 While we love changing up our original designs, some classics shouldn’t be touched. For example, the French Maid is as sexy as ever. Same luxurious, sleek, sensual satin. Same classic black and white outfit. The same fantastic accessory, the feather duster is still included with the apron.  The French Maid Apron still has the user-friendly adjustable neck and waist ties, but now has a real ribbon bow. Small details are key and our French Maid Apron has them all. Enticing in the bedroom or in the kitchen!

Classic French Maid Apron by Tipsy Totes



To nights we will never remember, with the friends we will never forget.


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I recently bought a gold changing wine tote and I LOVE it so much! I took it to a party and all my friends tried to steal it. Guess I know what to get them as gifts now.


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