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Mother Daughter Relationships and Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we want to Celebrate! Celebrate the Moms, the Grandmas, the Aunts and those women who support and uplift us like a second Mom.  The women who see the good without judgement.  The women who give us a nudge when we need it.  The women who support our strengths and help us grow into the women the world needs.  Your Mom shaped you into the woman you are, let's thank her and show her some love.

Mother’s Day has a special meaning to the Tipsy Totes company.  We tend to celebrate the Mother/Daughter dynamic on a daily basis because in case you haven’t heard…Tipsy Totes is a Mother/Daughter Team!  Not only are we a close-knit family, we celebrate the close bonds we share with so many women.  Mentors, Leaders, Visionaries…these are a few of the fabulous women in our circle and we are so blessed to have them.

We are excited to share this Video of Sonja and Ursula talking about Tipsy Totes and wanting to create a lasting impact on women.


For us, Tipsy Totes isn’t just a company, it’s very much a way of life.  And no, not an alcoholic way of life, thank you very much!  We endeavor to uplift women. Give women a fun, sassy outlet to laugh at life, cry when we need to and celebrate the wins. The wins definitely scream Champagne! That’s not even a question…Go pop that bubbly, ladies! The other situations may need a little wine to ease the pain, a little whiskey to dull the ache or a little vodka to blur the world for an evening.  All of these have their place – drink responsibly and have some fun while doing it.  We celebrate life and the unconditional support fellow women give each other.

So yes, we constantly consider women and female relationships and not only that, the Mother/Daughter dynamic is always present in Tipsy Totes. It’s there through the good times, the bad times, the down times and the best of times. The relationship lifts you up and the relationship can cause frustrations. It’s all there and appreciating it all is the genius of life.

One of my favorite quotes is “A daughter is God’s way of saying ‘thought you could use a lifelong friend’”.  So true and I feel like it goes both ways, Daughters need life long Mothers too.  Relationships are two-way streets and there is no one single way to do anything. It takes input, energy and determination from both.  P.S. those “my way or the highway” ultimatums are fun, but have you ever pulled one of those with your Mother? Ha! Maybe don’t try it!

We’d love to hear from you! How are you going to celebrate your Mom?  On Mother’s Day especially, but even on day to day occasions? Are there days you spend the afternoon laughing over tea? Do you show up with a bottle of chilled wine and reminisce on the patio? Do you go shopping and have lunch together?  All hail the daughters who take their moms to a biker bar with a sassy hot pink koozie…and if you do, PLEASE send us those pictures!


Mothers and Daughters share such a beautiful bond. 

Let’s celebrate the moments that make life a joy.  

Happy Mother’s Day!
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