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Mother's Day Gifts and Celebrations

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate women and the contribution we all make to society.  A time to honor the woman who carried you in her womb for 9 months, managed your terrible 2's, chauffeured you around, and made it through puberty, dating and college.  Whew, that's one heck of a job resume!  

Super Mom

She gets one day a year to really feel appreciated (hopefully you're a good son or daughter and make her feel cherished all year).  And let's not forget new moms, step moms, mentors  and even the moms to 4-legged furry kids.  We are all touched in one way or another, so celebrate Super Mom this year!

Mother's Day gifts should be about celebrating the amazing woman.  Yes, the holiday was created by the greeting card, chocolate and flower industries scheming to make these must-have and well-known gifting traditions.  And while we appreciate tradition, we tend to be a little non-conventional ourselves (seriously, have you looked at our website?). 

We'd be happy getting any of the items mentioned above; however, we survive on wine and believe that many Moms out there do too!  Who hasn't snuck a little Chardonnay or Bailey's after the kids' bedtime?  So we're presenting the Top Mother's Day Gifts for Wine Lovers!  Since we don't discriminate, beer and spirit lovers too!

Diva Tote

Simply Fabulous!  Diva Totes are single bottle carriers with feathers and fantastic fabrics making these chic carriers perfect for any occasion - inlcuing making Mom's "Book Club" (or is it a wine party) awesome. Fits a regular 750ml bottle of Wine or Champagne and some spirit bottles.

Cheetah Animal Print Wine ToteBlack and pink Wine Tote Silk Wine Tote

Lipstick Tote

The Lipstick Tote also holds a regular 750ml bottle of Wine or Champagne and most spirits.  This must-have for any Mom Superstar who loves her make-up!  And the Lips Tote demands attention, but her lips are sealed...literally.  The zipper closure keeps your wine safe until you're ready to say Aaahhh.

Red lipstick wine tote Hot Pink Wine Tote Lips Wine Tote Pink


Stiletto Totes

What woman doesn't love a good pair of Shoes?  Our shoes are fabulous because they carry a bottle wine wine or maybe vodka!  The zipper closure securely keeps the wine inside the insulated tote until Mom is ready to sip, savor and repeat.

Black Stilletto Wine Tote Cheetah Stiletto Wine Tote Snake Skin Wine Tote Stiletto

Furry Koozie

Making Beer Fabulous!  Moms love frilly, furry, fantastic - so we're certain she'd love a fun koozie for Mother's Day.  Holds standard water bottles or beer for sporting events, beach days, and when fancy is a must.

purple zebra animal print koozie Kiss beer koozies Pink sequin koozi


The ultimate Shot Glass or Moms will get a Kick out of these fun shot glasses..pun intended.

zebra shoeter shot glassGolf shot glass shoe shot glass


Yes, Moms run on Love, Pride in her kids and wine.  It's her special day so remember if you make her breakfast in bed, clean up the kitchen!  Or better yet, just stick with mimosas.  And we'll throw in one more piece of advice, don't get her a practical gift.  Sure your household might need a new vacuum, but Mother's Day is for making HER the center of the universe and a vacuum won't do that.  HINT: Listen to what she really wants.

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