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New Gift Store- Winding Brook Ranch

We want to welcome you to the newest Gift Store, Winding Brook Ranch! 

We're still the same Mother/Daughter team just a fresh look and new location. We aspire to be the best Gift Store supplying unique items, great gifts and things that make you smile.

Winding Brook Ranch is the exclusive distributor of Tipsy Totes and nothing has changed! We still have the fancy beer koozies, Sparkly Diva Totes and the always sexy Bustier Totes. 

The New Gift Store of Winding Brook Ranch will serve more than just your alcohol gifting needs. Watch our video to see all that has happened in 2022 and our new facilities.




While WBR is the new brand for our online gift store, it's still Sonja and Ursula. We left Las Vegas and rebranded to expand our gifting options. As much as we love our wine and summer beers, we also love plants, painting, gardening and other of life's simple pleasures. Expanding to offer our customers all of the things we love is our new goal - but never forgetting the beer and wine. 

In the video we show the gift store moving from Las Vegas to Arkansas. Our new family compound is out in the country with 10+ gorgeous acres. Some plans 5 year plans include an orchard to grow fruit and nuts (offering jams, jellies and preserves when that comes to fruition!), chickens (we've all seen the egg prices lately), and maybe even a few goats. There's tons to do before we can dive into those inspired activities and prep work that needs to happen. Goals and future endeavors is what we'll call them for now! 

In the mean time - Winding Brook Ranch's first new release of 2023 is Here! The Looking For My Rip T-shirt is available now. Check it out here

We created the Rip shirt for all the single Yellowstone tv fans. Beth has her Rip and so should you! Buy the Looking For My Rip tshirt for your own Single's Awareness day - also called Anti-Valentine's Day but no need to get SAD about it. Pun intended. Celebrate your single independence until your Rip shows up. You deserve it. 

Do you have a special request for the gift store? Contact us and we'll work on sourcing what you want or offer gifts that suit the giftee. Want something custom? We're happy to help with that too - Winding Brook Ranch offers printing and embroidery services. From custom shirts, baby onesies, tote bags and outfits to work shirts and aprons we're all about creating with you in mind.

If you're in the area, feel free to stop by the workshop! We welcome visitors to the gift shop. We'll be adding products and fun items throughout the year so stop by online too! 

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