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New Year, New You? Or Same Fabulous, Fierce Female?

Welcome to 2019!  How’s the new year treating you so far?  It’s day #2 and we’re off!  Most of us back to work after the Holidays and hopefully we’re all off to a great start!

Happy New Year - Cheers to Fresh Starts

We tend to make grand resolutions and decide we’re going to 100% change all the not so great behaviors we survived in the previous year.  For example, we might say I’m going to quit drinking, eat healthy and hit the gym 7 days a week.  Sounds awesome! Are you going to completely rearrange your life to fit it all in? And if so, for how long? Sacrifice happy hours and parties to get in gym time?  Avoid alcohol and all tasty treats forever?  FOREVER??

This does not sound great to me.  GIVE UP ALCOHOL?? Never. I will, however, commit to moderation (most of the time).  I can do that without feeling like I am missing out on living life.  Choosing small, healthier options is a great way to start.  For me, it’s all about progress and sustainable changes.  If the shift won’t last, you get the same old shit.

Not Gonna Give Up Wine

Life is about balance. If you give up everything you love, you’ll end up living a life full of regrets, disappointment and boredom.  The solution?  Start small! Studies have shown that you shouldn’t work on more than 2 goals at a time. Or, get really clear on 1 goal for maximum success and focus.  Small changes over time really add up.  Looking to drop a few pounds?  While that 1lb a week doesn’t seem like much, it adds up to over 50lbs in a year! And because it’s a healthy strategy, it’s more likely to be successful and easier to maintain long term.

So what does this have to do with Tipsy Totes? Aside from personal goals, we create company goals too.  How is Tipsy Totes going to touch more people in 2019?  Bring more Sparkle, Sequins, Laughter, and Light-Hearted fun to women?  Does that super sparkly beer (or in this case) water koozie/cozy/toteez make you motivated to drink more water for your New Year’s Resolution?  Does the sexy Corset Toteez make her feel extra special on Valentine’s Day?  Does she adore the Stiletto Wine Toteez as much as her fabulous wearable shoe collection?  

Super Sexy Valentine's Day Bustier Wine Tote

We’re keeping the same goals: Fun, Fabulous and Enjoying Every Minute!  No change from last year, but let’s Level Up! More Fun, More Fabulous and More Enjoyment!  As a woman-owned, Mother Daughter business we love wine (of course), fun and life’s deeper shared moments. Those Ah-Ha moments you get while pouring your soul out, bonding over sharing your vision, and feeling fulfilled when uplifting others.  Those are the gems in life you remember. For us, many of those moments involve a bit of wine, and it’s such an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face by taking your wine in a Tipsy Tote…Instant Happy!

So...Cheers to 2019 and all your goals, visions and aspirations! And Cheers to celebrating all of those things with wine in a Tipsy Tote!

Ursula Giving Blood New Year's Eve


If you have an idea or want something, by all means reach out and let us know!

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I have goals! Thanks for the reminder to start small so I can actually finish this year.
I’ll take the koozie too btw.


LOVE the blog!! My favorite is the picture of the koozie in action midst blood donation. What an inspiration. <3

Michelle Berger

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