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Post-Holiday Detox Tips

As we look forward to the new 2015 year what are your goals?  Maybe a healthier diet or just getting rid of the Holiday bloat?  We feel you!  All the wine and cheeses have taken their toll not to mention the fudge and pies.  Here’s a couple tips to help relieve the bloat and overall misery of the overindulgence season.

A good place to start is by cutting down or eliminating alcohol for at least few days to get back on track. We choked a bit on this one too, but it’s not forever, just until we get back on track. While wine has plenty of health benefits, moderation is still key and overdoing anything will have negative effects on your body. Your stomach and brain don’t recognize liquid calories the same way as solid food so it’s easy to underestimate the calories you actually consume. Try increasing your water intake to combat the bloat and excessive gorging effects. Tea is a fantastic alternative to alcoholic drinks. It has no calories and boosts your metabolism.

Detox Tips - drink more tea less alcohol

While we’re at giving up the things we love, we might as well go full on cold turkey and take a look at our recent sugar intake. All the sweet holiday treats really add up! Pecan pie is a must in our holiday circles but the love handles aren’t so loved. While many experts dismiss the concept of a sugar addiction, new research suggests that sugar can manipulate the pathways in the brain to cause cravings and binges. As if the extra calories and lbs weren’t enough, we have to worry about what many of us already knew to be true with binging and cravings. Step away from the fudge! To reset your body try to eliminate treats rich in sugar and fat for a minimum of 3 days – the longer you abstain the better off you’ll be. It’ll reset your taster for naturally sweet fruits and starchy vegetables and get over the binge/crave cycles.

Healthy Food Pyramid

These first 2 strategies work best in conjunction with physical activity. Find a way to get active that you enjoy and will continue doing, whether it’s walking, yoga, or a dance class. Exercise boosts your mood, burns calories, and gives you more energy; all things you need when the Holidays are over and you’re stuck with the bloat and probably a couple extra pounds. Remember to take it outside whenever possible. Studies show that being outside is more beneficial than exercising indoors. Most believe it has to do with the healthy effects of the vitamin D from a little sun exposure.

Sunshine and Vitamin D in moderation are good for your health!

Giving up bad, delicious habits and Holiday overindulgence is never easy, but it’s necessary to reset and get in touch with your body again. These strategies are straight forward and don’t require huge commitments. They are fairly simple in the grand scheme of healthy living. Don’t forget to add back a glass of wine or 2 a week for good measure later after your’s good for the soul!

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