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Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day...Even If You Think You Hate It.

Do you walk into Target and think ewww, Valentine’s day just threw up all over!  Yuck! Retch! Spew!  Too much commercialism, too much candy destined to rot kids’ teeth, too much…just everything.  While we won’t disagree with you that Valentine’s Day can be a shopping disaster from last-minute panic to over-crowded aisles and kids begging for EVERYTHING. As an optimistic, romantic, and lover of life - let’s look at the flip side!

Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day...or whatever


Disclaimer! I am a business owner with completely adorable products that suit Valentine’s Day sooo perfectly - I’m literally in Wine Heaven! The holiday makes me happy; women loving their Tipsy Totes makes my day!  We are also aware of the ugly triggers some use to get more sales.  We hope you find our social media posts and marketing tasteful and appealing.  And yes, we have seen the other stuff.  While it is a bit over the top and unappetizing, I still feel like Valentine’s Day is a day to be celebrated, however you choose to do that.  Here’s why.

So often life takes over. We work crazy hours at a job we may or may not love, kids, grocery shopping, the to-do list, laundry, yard work, gym, a bit of socializing if we can squeeze it in and the much needed Netflix binge night (or weekend).


Life, Stress, To-Do Lists, Kids, Stress


If you’re in a relationship, do you feel loved? Do you feel appreciated even? Do you see where I’m going with this yet?  I choose to see Valentine’s Day as a reminder that we need to appreciate each other. Like the old cliche says, to stop and smell the roses.  It’s a wake up call to pause and think about why you got married, why are you dating the person you share time and intimate moments?

Are you on auto-pilot? It’s time to re-engage life! Enjoy the moments and get in touch with why.   It’s a time to let your significant other know your feelings and appreciate your relationship. Commercialism aside, what does your significant other like? Would he or she love to have a quiet evening in? Go to a fancy dinner? Run away on a spontaneous road trip?

When you can do things you both enjoy it deepens the commitment, communication flows easier and it’s just plain fun to do something together that you may not make time for otherwise.  And to me, that’s the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Reconnecting if you feel distant, appreciating each other in a hectic life and being completely in the moment - at least for one special day.

 Happy Couple


So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, think about what makes your significant other sparkle. What makes him or her let loose and enjoy the moment? Figure it out and make a plan!

And should your Valentine like gifts, we totally recommend Tipsy Totes. So many uses from wine carrier to purse, sexy lingerie tote, to makeup holder and so much more.  Check out some Valentine’s Day gift presentations we’ve made with some of our totes.


Looking to make Valentine’s Day a little more Risqué? We can help with that too.  Sonja and I thought along the same lines and crafted a unique cocktail - an aphrodisiac martini to get the mood set.  Check out our blog and recipe here.

 Tipsy Totes' Aphrodisiac Martini for Valentine's Day


Are you a cook dinner and sip wine by the fire kind of couple? Those nights are always welcome in my life, so set that mood by using one of our Valentine’s Day wine labels. Fun, festive and a good way to enhance sexiness of the night. They start the suggestion early and set the tone for whatever you might have in mind for later.

                 Valentine's Day #TipsyLabels


And to all my single friends, I’m right there with you. I am a Single and Happy kind of girl - I’m my own best Valentine. I know what I like and I’m not afraid to treat myself. I might even splurge on some chocolates this year! Putting those gift presentations together got me hungry to indulge a bit! As if I haven’t already! Ha!


Galentine's Day #TipsyLabels - Anti Valentine's Day Wine Labels

Because life IS an adventure, embrace it! If you subscribe to my theory that Valentine’s Day is about stopping to smell the roses and appreciate what you have, then you are blessed with an open mind and I’m sure blessed other Gals who would be happy to celebrate Galentine’s Day with you.  Deepen those friendships that get you through the rough times and celebrate life’s wins. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing. Let your Valentine’s Day be about appreciating friends as much as celebrating you. And if you need a laugh we have the Anti-Valentine’s Day Wine Labels as well (see above!). From snarky to optimistic. We have you covered on the range of emotions we all experience from time to time.



Pictured: Sonja Bettendorf (Mom), Debra Berger, Michelle Berger, Jana Forsythe and Me.  These ladies mean the world to me. 


In closing, enjoy your day, however that looks to you.


Love yourself, love one another and love life!

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Love what you wrote. I can relate to not always having the best Valentine’s Day after being married for 9 years. I kinda gave up but maybe I’ll try something new this year. Thanks!


I am always single for valentines day. thanks for including single ladies


I told my husband to order a wine tote for me and don’t forget the handcuffs. We’ll see if he can follow directions. If not I’ll be placing an order myself and he won’t get to play with the handcuffs.


The only thing missing from this post is the koozies in the photo! Excellent blog and reminder that life is what you make of it. Also…thanks for the wine labels. ;)


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