French Maid Apron and Duster

Sexy French Maid Meets Feather Duster

French Maid Apron and Duster is Fabulous

Just in Time for Halloween!

Our French Maid Apron couldn’t get any better…or could it?  Tipsy Totes is excited to announce that for a limited time the French Maid now comes with her own Feather Duster! It’s the complete outfit – sexy apron and feather duster accessory!

The feather duster is a fabulous accessory and for a limited time we’re adding it to our Fabulous French Maid Aprons at no additional charge!  Cheers to Tipsy Totes!  We’re excited for all the possibilities you can come up with for this new addition. Don’t wait though, this is a limited time offer just in time for Halloween.  We wanted to spice up your Halloween and make life a little simpler – you don’t have to run around looking for the duster accessory, we’re providing it for FREE!  Cheers!

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And in the spirit of Halloween, if you need a quick costume but don’t like to go all out, we hear you.  Or maybe you just want something cute and sexy that you can reuse all year long.  Sounds like our French Maid Apron is the perfect solution for you!  Simply wear a little black dress or throw it on over leggings and a shirt.  It’s so versatile and easy to wear, and spices up anything.  Start practicing your French accent…Halloween is going to get HOT this year!  Oui Oui Monsieur!

We can see it now, French Maid Apron, stockings,  sexy hair and feather duster in one hand, martini in the other.  Cheers to Halloween Sexy with excellent accessories!

As the Halloween Party Mistress of all things French, yes, you can Monster Mash, do your Thriller moves and yikes dare we mention twerk(!) in the apron.  Maybe obvious, but we still thought we’d throw in that tidbit of info for all those skeptics.  The French Maid Apron is as fun and versatile as you are.  Even after Halloween, you can dance around the kitchen while cooking up a fabulous French dinner or Pirouette around the living room with your feather duster and a glass of French Wine.

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Don’t forget we have the 2 versions of the French Maid, each spectacular.  We have the Fancy version, complete with layers of petticoat tulle and a sexy little bow-tie.  She’s upscale all the way and super sexy.  The second French Maid is equally fabulous, but a little more subtle with a satin skirt and an imprinted bow-tie.  She comes in regular and plus sizes!  Each size has adjustable neck and waist straps so sexy – make sure you check out both versions!

French Maid Apron French Maid Apron with Dusteraffordable french maid costume

The French Maid is a best seller and there’s no denying why!  She dresses up your outfit as hostess at a dinner party.  Who doesn’t like a little fun entertainment – a hostess serving in a sexy French Maid Apron is too hot to handle…or is it?  Keep the apron for a sultry night in with your partner.  He’ll love a little role play and for the night we’ll call the feather duster a French Tickler…the 2 are a perfect match.

So no matter how you decide to use the new accessory to the French Maid…she’s fabulous and it’s all up to you and your imagination!  Have Fun!

french maid apron with duster

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