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Super Bowl Whine? Why Beer should Watch its Barley...Wine's Coming!

A recent Nielson survey revealed that of the Americans planning to host a Super Bowl Party, 57% said they will be serving something besides just beer.  Of course beer isn’t going anywhere as the #1 beverage of choice for any game day, but just the suggestion that almost 60% of parties will have wine and/or spirits as an option says a whole lot about the changes going on.  Almost 20% said they plan on drinking wine and another 20% said they prefer some form of spirits – we love the idea of cocktails and football!

Move over beer


The survey suggests that sales of liquor and wine go up 11% and 9% respectively when compared to the 3 week average prior to Super Bowl Sunday.  That’s about the same jump in sales as beer experiences!

Are you asking why the popularity of wine and spirits are shifting the sands of the most beloved pairing of beer and football?  Well…here’s why.  Nielsen media research also points out that over the last 5 seasons the demographics have changed. More women are watching.  Women now make up approximately 46% of Super Bowl viewers and about 33% during the regular season.

A real woman will not make you choose between her or football. A real woman will make you take her to the game and proceed to be the loudest fan there.


So will this changing of demographics translate into more commercials made for women airing during the Super Bowl?  More bars serving up healthier choices and wine specials during the game?  Only time will tell.  But let’s be real.  Football is America’s favorite sport and it’s always been a treat to guzzle beer, cheer for your team, rip the other guy and stuff your face with food you might not otherwise eat. It's an American tradition.

As fellow women fans, we don’t discriminate.  Beer, Wine, Vodka, Whiskey, Run, Gin, Tequila.  Drink what makes you happy.  If you do drink a beer, however, we absolutely recommend our Super Cute Koozies or an NFL koozie.  We can’t help ourselves, shameless promotion or not.  Everyone needs a Super Cute Koozie...or an awesome Game Day Coozie.

Spring and summer she's a graceful and classy lady. Then football season starts

Here’s a few more Fun Feminine Football Facts!

Cheers to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans! Teams with the largest Women Fan Base!

The NFL a few years ago was completely male dominated.  Now the NFL has 2 female coaches,2 female officials, 3 female (100 percent) owners and a female chief security officer. Still a small number but it’s come a long ways!

Research is coming out to rebut the whole "sex sells" claim. It says that brand recall dips when the brain is busy processing boobies bursting at the seams of tiny outfits. We may be in for less Adult XXX commercials and more Adult - Real Life commercials as advertisers realize women do most of the household purchasing and should be addressed as such. 


Never underestimate the influence and power of Women.

Cheers Ladies!

Never underestimate the power of women!


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Good writing! Retired today! Life is to short…been going through closets, etc. Do not drink alcohol. Had a beer with your Mom and dad this summer. Once in about a year,,,ha ha. I love your business. Hope everything is going good.

Sandra S Kallenbach

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