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Everyone Needs a Super Cute Koozie in their Life

blue sequin koozie

Yes! Everyone really does need a Tipsy Totes Cute Koozie! Here's why.

There's a million varieties of koozies - or whatever you want to call them!  We've seen them called koozie, coolie, and koolie. We've even come across kooli, cooli, cozi, cuzi, cozy, and kozy.  Whatever  it is you want to call them, Tipsy Totes has made the best cute koozies!  Google Super Cute Sequin Koozies and see what happens!  That's Right! You see Tipsy Totes' Koozies and we dominate - google doesn't lie. With sequins, fur, plush materials and insulation, you can't go wrong with a Tipsy Totes koozie .  Forget the boring old foam and neoprene cozy. Bling it up with Tipsy Totes!

pink sequin coozie

Why do you need a Tipsy Totes koozie - well why not?  We can't believe you would ask such a question.  Why wouldn't everyone want a Tipsy Totes super cute, super sparkly, sequin koozie? Or maybe a zebra or cheetah print with fur is more your style? Have you checked out our NFL Koozies?  Yep, we have those too!   No matter what you like, we have something for you.  We have amazing girlie koozies - sexy koozies for chugging a beer (it absolutely can be hot to chug a beer!) - sassy koozies for water bottles at the office.   

 Pink with Beer drink beer

Top reasons to own, gift and use a Tipsy Totes Koozie.  

  1. They are Fashionable, chic and sassy. 
  2. We have Beer Bottle koozies, Water Bottle koozies and Can Koozies. Even Cowboy Boot Beer Koozies! 
  3. They are made with only Quality materials and care.

There's a reason why we call our Coolies - “Fashion Koozies."  Because they aren't your average Beer Bottle Koozie! I don't know any ladies that would turn down sexy sequins, sassy fur trim, and animal print glitter.  These Cute Koozies really get attention! When you see one, you want one.  Making beer fun again - one Beer Koolie at a time. Here's a couple fun examples for those of us who like visuals!

bustier koozie  blue sequin koozie Black cowboy boot beer cozy

Don't drink beer? No worries! Our Beer Coolies hold most 12oz beer bottles and most 16.9oz water bottles! Because we love beer but isn't always appropriate unfortunately, like maybe during work hours? Our bottle koozies  are perfect for the office.  Keep your bottle of water fashionable and cool!  It'll put a smile on your face not to mention make everyone else do a double take.  We also offer Can Koozies for sodas and beer cans! Makes pool parties safe with can options - no glass bottles. 

Like something a bit more Western? Our Cowboy Boot Beer Coolies are the real deal! Made with real fabric, real insulation and a full boot with a bottom, these are amazing little cozies! Made for beer bottles or water bottles! Now you can throw one back and kick it up at the same time!  Cowboy Up!

black snakeskin cowboy boot koozie 

Everyone needs a Tipsy Totes Cute Koozie because we make ours differently.   Tipsy Totes pays attention to quality and design first and foremost. We carefully select the super cute sequin material and pair it with a fun fur.  We also have a full, secure bottom on every design.  Made for Beer and Water Bottles, our cozies are versatile and chic. We don't cut corners with our products.  Our Cute Koozies have fur and sequins and are amazing, and still fold flat!  The Western Boot Koozie is a full boot - not just a shape. The insulation works and won't grip your beverage so it's hard to get in and out! That's important for those of us who have spilled an entire beer down our pants at a BBQ - terrible waste of an outfit and beer.   We pride our koozies on being functional AND cute. Keeps your beer, water, soda cold while your hands stay off your drink and warm (so helpful when is cold out!).

Not sure how often you would use your new fancy koolie? All the Time! They are perfect for beach days, picnics, BBQs, tailgating, bachelorette parties, GNO, bridal parties, Gilrs' Night Out and everything in between. The Tipsy Totes Super Cute Koozies make awesome gifts!

cute koozies

Along with the Super Cute Sequin Koozies, we also have designs like the Lips and Fur Koozies, The Animal Print Koozies, Beverage Can Koozies, and the Ultimate Sexy Koozie - the Corset Koozie! That little Diva really heats up a room while keeping your drink cold!

kiss coozy zebra animal print koozie bustier koozy 

If you're looking for the cheapie koozies with a little printing for a quick wedding or a birthday party, we probably aren't your ladies.  Looking for quality? Something unique? Looking for a Beer Bottle Koozie that actually gets attention?  That's what we do!  Let's go stop some traffic Ladies.

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