Adrian Ballion with Tipsy Totes

The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and Tipsy Totes

Sonia Manzano SM

Tipsy Totes and Hollywood are a match made in heaven!  Celebrities and designers, make-up artists and producers alike were all in love with Tipsy Totes and our fabulously glamorous products. 




While we had so many amazing and talented celebrities stop by, one of our favorites had to be Adrienne Bailon.  She was humble and gracious not to mention talented and gorgeous!  And a woman after our own hearts, she was captivated with the Cheetah Bustier Totes – and rightfully so after being a Cheetah Girl!  Because Adrienne Bailon is so spectacular, we couldn’t let her have just any Cheetah Bustier Tote, it had to match fabulous to fabulous.  We gifted her the custom, never to be made again Silver Cheetah Bustier!  Now that's a fabulous fit!

adrian Ballionadrian Ballion with Tipsy Totes

Another ultra-amazing celeb who was happy to get a Tipsy Tote was none other than Tamar Braxton!  It was a pleasure to meet the beautiful, talented singer from the R&B group The Braxtons.  She was drawn immediately to the Booze Boot!  Hollywood photographers also asked her to pose with the Bustier Totes for magazines and other publications.  How fun!  We enjoyed our time with Tamar and her husband and son and wished them well with their large Cowboy Boot Tote.

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

Kate Linder spied the French Maid Apron immediately and fell in love with it!  She thought it was fate and we had to agree!  Once the photographers saw her in our Fancy French Maid there was a sudden photo frenzy!  She posed for picture after picture in our fabulous French Maid Apron and it really did seem like it was made for her after playing maid and housekeeper Ester Valentine on The Young and the Restless for 30+ years!  We had a wonderful time with Kate Linder.  Yet another gracious celebrity.  And if you don't follow Kate on social media, you should.  Her community outreach and service is truly an inspiration.

 Kate Linder in french maid apron Kate Linder in french maid apron

The original Sesame Street cast all loved Tipsy Totes and picked up various gifts from Diva Totes to koozies.  Talk about a walk down memory lane!  It was a true blast from the past and an honor to meet everyone from the original puppeteers to the voice of Elmo and congrats to Sonia Manzano who won the Lifetime Achievement Award!  Cheers to Sesame Street!

 Sesame Street cast Sonia Manzano

Ever heard Chester Cheetah on the Cheetos commercials?  We got to meet the voice in person!  And of course he loved the Cheetah Bustier/Corset Tote.  We'll call it love at first Bite! 

 Chester Cheetah

There were so many wonderful celebrities stopping by.  We totally fell in love with the swoon-worthy and amazing Robert Palmer Watkins.  So fun to hang out with and easy going.  Much love to Robert Palmer Watkins!

 Robert Palmer Watkins

We appreciate meeting every one!  Donnell Turner, Christopher Sean, Pierson Fode, Zee James, Ashlyn Pearce, Lily Melgar, Mishael Morgan and so many more. And seriously, who could forget our Glen Alen!  We adore him and his ultra-talented make-up skills and generous ways.  Hope all the celebs enjoy their Tipsy Totes and Emmys!


 Ashlyn Pearce Bold and Beautiful Bustier at Bar Tipsy-Totes-Emmy Zee James straight outta compton Donnell_Turner with Boot 3 Lily Melgar 1 Mishael Morgan Young and the Restless Pierson Fode with Chinese tote Stephen A Chang


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