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The Aphrodisiac 50 Shades Cocktail Recipe and Instructions

It's no secret Tipsy Totes loves wine! However, for Valentine's Day, we did go with something a bit stronger for the occasion!  We wanted to start with something sensual...Something different...Something Unexpected.  

Our aphrodisiac cocktail is a vodka based martini with a smoked oyster garnish to get you in the mood!  Aphrodisiac and a courage enhancer!  The perfect mood setting cocktail for a 50 Shades Night.

50 Shades Valentine's Day Martini Aphrodisiac Cocktail

Don't forget, our wine labels fit most bottles.  You can dress up your vodka if you want to add to the 50 Shades Vibe.  Want to download the Free, Printable Labels? Click here!

Here’s what we used - makes 2 martinis

2oz vodka

2oz black olive juice

2 tbsp of pickled onion juice


Olive, Onion and Smoked Oyster


Mix in a shaker with ice.  Pour into a martini glass and garnish with smoked oyster, pickled cocktail onion and a black olive.  Adjust ingredients to taste if necessary.

Use 1oz of vodka per marini

Pour Vodka into shaker. 1oz per martini cocktail with ice

Use 1oz of ripe olive juice per cocktail

Add 1oz of black or ripe olive juice to the vodka

Use 1tbsp of the onion juice per cocktail

Finally, add 1tbsp of cocktail onion juice per martini.
Shake mixture in shaker and set aside while you make the garnish

Garnish with Smoked Oyster

We used cocktail picks - use what works for you.
Put a smoked oyster on the garnish stick

Finish Garnish with Onion and Black Olive

Add onion and olive to complete the garnish

Shake mixture and pour into Martini Glass with Garnish

Pour mixture into the martini glasses - dividing if you made multiple cocktails

Finish Presentation with handcuffs and accessories

 Finish with the sexy presentation! It's an Aphrodisiac Cocktail so set the mood!

We love the salty, earthy flavor of the martini and the aphrodisiac properties are sure to make you scream later!  We added a fun vibe to our martini presentation with the handcuffs…because presentation matters, right!  It hints what’s to come.  And hints build tension, teasing the senses and sparking those naughty thoughts.

Leave us a comment when you try the cocktail! We love hearing from you!

Happy Valentine's Day, Date Night, Anniversary, Birthday, Whatever Occasion you're celebrating!



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