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The Beer Sleeve Guarantee - AKA the koozie guarantee

The Beer Sleeve Guarantee

Inspired by personal tragedy (we felt personally attacked – kidding but still), the Beer Sleeve Guarantee is all about YOU. We want Tipsy Totes FANatics. We want Instagram posts with your koozie at the beach, the wine tote you gifted your BFF and the Corset Tote for that sexy adventure with your man. What we don’t need is people not loving Tipsy Totes…like it hurts us deep. So deep.



Robert's Amazon Review of the Hot Pink Sequin Koozie by Tipsy Totes


Case in point on why we decided to start this guarantee…Robert. Robert ordered a Tipsy Tote from Amazon and thought we were possibly the Antichrist (?). He took the time to write us a bad review, wasn’t that nice of him (I say in my head sarcastically as I cuss him out).  He couldn’t be more wrong, but we’re open to suggestions because we’re adults and YOU matter. Robert also had issues returning is beer sleeve to Amazon – weird…we know.



And so THE GUARANTEE was born! There’s a whole page dedicated to THE GUARANTEE. Check out the details here.

Because we want raving fans and happy customers, if you buy a Tipsy Tote from a legit retailer and don’t for whatever reason love it, we’ll take it back! We offer a product refund and then send you your very own replacement! This is how much we believe in our products! Do we believe in the replacement product? Not so much – we do call it the piece of shit for a reason!

And that’s what’s in it for you. Guaranteed Happiness or we’ll give you something else and refund your purchase. If you don’t love that I really don’t know what will make you happy. She's Happy with her koozie.

Gold & Black Beer Koozie

Robert inspired The Koozie Guarantee with his negative remarks, but can we leave on a happier, less sarcastic note? Debbie took the time to write us an amazing review on Google. We’ve never met her, but she is one Amazing Woman. Let us count the ways! 1. Spreading the love – taking time to celebrate positive things and what you like makes the world a better place. My Tipsy world is definitely a better place because of Debbie!  2. She carries around a koozie - in case a beer happens. I mean, same, but I love that she goes there. 3. The koozie gives her some flashy celebrity status and attention at the bar. It painted a picture in my mind and I LOVE it! You too can have the same flashy celebrity status with your Tipsy Totes.

Amazing Tipsy Totes Review by Debbie

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Pink Sequin Beer Koozie makes her Happy!

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