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Tipsy Totes Buzz - The Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

Mommy and Baby Reviews recently posted a review article about Tipsy Totes!  Here's an excerpt of our favorite parts!
"I give bottles of wine as gift during the holidays and for special occasions quite often. I have tried finding fun and creative ways of dressing up the wine bottles other than plain wine gift bags. Plain wine bags are boring and impersonal."
"I really love the Cheetah Bustier Double Wine Carrier that I received to review from Tipsy Totes! I keep it out all the time on my dining room shelf and everyone asks where I got it from. The amount of detail and quality Tipsy Totes put into their products is extremely impressive. Plus they are extremely affordable!"
We appreciate the awesome feedback!  For the full article click here!
Thanks Mommy and Baby Reviews!
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