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Tipsy Totes Offers Creative Ideas for Wine Gifts this Valentine's Day

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 21, 2014) – Tipsy Totes is offering innovative ideas for wine gifts ideal for Valentine's Day.  The company offers a wide array of unique and personalized products for individuals who wish to deviate from the traditional chocolates and flowers given during the holiday. 
Known for giving creative twists to wine accessories, Tipsy Totes has helped wine enthusiasts transport drinks with style and ease. With each specially designed wine tote, they help individuals express how they feel by making a statement. Highlighting elegance and style, the company has created a line of wine totes that are versatile and can hold all kinds of drinks, including wine, vodka, scotch, and tequila. 
Kiss Corset Tote - Perfect for Valentine's Day!
This Valentine's Day, the company has created three different categories for wine totes: the Romantic Totes, the Fun & Quirky Line and the Anti-Valentine's Day Totes.  The Romantic Totes are for couples who want to show how deep their love is by choosing the design that best represents their relationship, with statements such as “Be Mine Forever” and “I Cherish Our Time Together”. As a way of personalizing this gift, clients can add the name of the recipient or include a short message. 
Unofficial couples who are still testing the waters can choose from the Fun & Quirky line. These products are the best alternatives to sappy and cheesy Valentine's Day gifts, with lines that say “I’m Hooked on You” and “You’re the Bomb”.  For the single ladies or individuals who wants to give gifts to themselves, Tipsy Totes offers the Anti-Valentine's Day product line that is sure to uplift the spirits, with sassy statements that say, “Wine is My Valentine” and “Who Needs Men? I have WINE”. 
Individuals who prefer more naughty and mischievous gifts can choose from the unique bustiers that touch on the recipient's sexy side.  Perfect to accompany the traditional bouquet of flowers, these bustiers add a more sensual twist as they are meticulously created with special rhinestone hearts and different Valentine's Day themes. Moreover, the bustier totes can carry up to two bottles of wine.
For gifts with a flirty but homey touch, Tipsy Totes presents their sexy Valentine's Aprons.  A great way to dress up on Valentine's Day, these aprons have fun designs that are ideal for Valentine's home celebrations and surprise dinners in the evening. 
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About Tipsy Totes
Tipsy Totes is a gift company that specializes in making handcrafted, luxury bottle carriers.  Their products are custom-made pieces for wine drinkers and enthusiasts.  The company has an extensive line of innovative designs created by the mother and daughter team Sonja and Ursula Bettendorf. 
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