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Tipsy Totes Offers Santa Bags for Wine Gifts this Christmas Season

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 8, 2013) – Tipsy Totes is offering holiday-inspired wine bags to compliment wine gifts for the Christmas season. Wine bags add appeal to an ordinary bottle of wine and they are a fun way to personalize or spice up your wine gifts! Tipsy Totes are offered in a variety of designs full of Holiday Cheer.

Gingerbread Man Bottle Hugger by Tipsy TotesSanta Bottle Hugger by Tipsy TotesSnowman Bottle Hugger by Tipsy Totes

The Santa Wine Bag is a red satin suit with fuzzy white trim, Santa’s trademark belt with matching handle. Santa Wine Bags offer a size that is big enough to accommodate most 750ml wine bottles. The Santa with Hat Wine Tote is another great option for the holiday wine lovers – often mistaken for Kris Kringle himself. He comes complete with the white beard, Santa suit, hat and belt. His “arms” double as the handle for carrying the wine tote while his hat hides the wine bottle. Even Santa’s black boots peak out from under his Santa suit.

They also offer the Santa's Little Helper Bag made of black satin which comes with a chord tie closure and could handle most wine and spirit bottles. For people looking for something sexy, they have the Santa Baby Bustier Double Wine Carrier, which sports a red velvet bodice that matches with white faux fur trims. It also features genuine Swarovski crystals, gold chain handles and an interior that can fit two bottles of most wines and spirits. Meanwhile, they also carry Santa Koozies for people who want to keep their beer and wine chilled in fashion this Christmas.

Established by the mother and daughter team of Sonja and Ursula Bettendorf, Tipsy Totes offers a wide range of stylish wine and spirit carriers that are artistically conceptualized and crafted. They offer a wine tote selection that features interesting designs such as Diva, Cowboy Boots, Stiletto Boots, Koozies..

They also carry products that are specifically made for men and women, as well as special occasions like weddings. Furthermore, their products can also be customized and personalized to meet clients' tastes and custom specifications.

In addition, they also manufacture products using upcycled materials that are highly-functional and durable. These wine carriers utilize old fabrics that were once jeans, pants, and shirts, among others. For more detailed information on their products and their corresponding prices, visit

About Tipsy Totes

The company specializes in handcrafted, luxury bottle carriers and wine bags in unique and innovative styles and designs that stand out from the other conventional options. The talented artists at Tipsy Totes create custom pieces for everyone from the casual wine drinker to the wine enthusiast.

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