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Tokens of Love & Friendship: Express It with a Personalized Wine Gift

Gifts often hold special meanings, unique messages from the giver to the receiver. When words fail to express how much you appreciate someone, gifts come to your rescue and speak on your behalf.


A recent article from ABC News features several clever wine gifts with labels that range from “sweet to saucy” and are perfect for those trying to find presents for their loved ones, especially during the Valentine season. 


Taking inspiration from modern romance, wine suppliers are putting a millennial twist to how wines are presented and perceived. Each of the featured wine choices expresses a definite statement about the giver's intentions, enabling the receiver to easily recognize the message at hand. The article further narrates how a gift can contribute so much to a giver’s message:


"At one tasting recently, we heard a story about a guy who had proposed to his girlfriend with a bottle of Monogamy on which he had written 'Will you marry me?' (She said yes.) Clearly, this wouldn't have worked out so well had it been a bottle of PromisQous," notes Vangrin.


Besides a bottle of wine, you can also give classy and stylish accessories like a wine tote to help your recipient carry drinks with style and ease, and to boost what you need to say. Several stores that carry an assorted variety of creative gifts for wine lovers, like Tipsy Totes, can help you pick the right accessory to go well with your superb presents. You can even commission some of them to create custom-made items and produce handcrafted bottle carriers that can stand as distinct pieces of art.


Well-thought-out gifts not only make their recipient happier, but also strengthen the bond between two people. Give your loved ones gifts that you've put thought and heart into, and they will cherish and value your gifts for a long time.


(Source: From Sweet to Sassy, a Valentine Wine Selection, ABC News, 30 January 2014)

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