Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

Unique Mother's Day Gift Idea

Memorable Mother's Day Gift aren't always easy to find. So Tipsy Totes created one – and for the entire family! It's a gift set delivered right to your door filled with all the components to create lasting memories while also encouraging your kids' dreams.



Every Mother wants the best for her children. As a child, I remember my mom telling me I could be and do whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. Instilling this passion and aspirational goal setting is so important for kids. Our Mother's Day Gift Box is the perfect activity for reinforcing this mindset.


The Mother's Day Activity Gift Set includes matching t-shirts for Mom and child each imprinted with “Shoot for the Stars” with a shooting star cluster in a shiny metallic silver. A spray bottle is included for bleach to decorate decorate the shirts. Each spray is a galaxy, a cosmos or a star added that represents a dream, a goal to be realized and time spent sharing all these aspirations.


Mother's Day Activity - girl designing her shirt

   Shoot for the Stars Mother's Day Activity Gift Box     Mother's Day Gift Box Activities


Each Activity Gift Box is put together as ordered. The activity box is fully customizable with adult and child size options for the shirts along with add-ons for the entire family. Also included in the Mother's Day Gift Box is a special Happy Mother's Day note with similar but unique bracelets for Mother and Daughter and the instructions on best practices for completing the designs at home.


Mother's Day Gift


Shoot for the Stars Family Photo

     Shoot for the Stars finished family photo - Mother's Day Gift Box 

 The Mother's Day Activity Gift Box is inspired by our own Mother/Daughter relationship. As a Mother/Daughter team we have had the highest of highs and moments of frustration and disagreement. We always come back to what matters – the dreams of what we want to accomplish and our bond. That makes this Mother's Day Activity Box so very near and dear to our hearts.


We truly hope you enjoy it as much as we have loved designing it for you and reminiscing of our earlier years together, our growth and how we have developed into the partnership we have today. Those memories really do last a lifetime.


Shoot for the Stars Bleached Cosmo by Tipsy Totes
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Shoot for the Stars Shirts
Bleach creates the stars but get creative! Old paint brushes or other spray bottles can be used for dramatic effects. Anything you can imagine. Put a star sticker on an gently paint around it for a super nova!  Add some glow in the dark paint for more effects! The stars are the limit with this fun activity for Mother's Day.
Shoot for the Stars tees for Mother's Day Gift Ideas
And a VERY special thanks to our friends who did the demo for us! Brandi and her family are fantastic!  Support another Woman-Owned business and follow her here!
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My wife and daughter need this. she was dropping hints so I’m glad I checked it out.


I absolutely LOVE this gift idea. I’m ordering it for my family!


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