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Valentine's Day Gifts

Here’s a question for you. What does your Significant Other say when you give him or her the Valentine’s Day Gift you may or may not have spent a ton of time, energy and money on? And what was the gift?

Do you hear crickets? Not a good sign. If you bought her a vacuum or other household appliance you should probably just drop it and run now. Roses are nice, and some women REALLY love getting flowers. Some don’t. I fall in the don’t category. They die. You can dry them but then you have dead roses hanging somewhere. Again, some women love this and value them as mementos. Some women like tradition and in that case you should go for the dozen red roses.

A box of chocolates? Heart shape box, right. Been there, done that and probably since grade school if we’re being honest. At least in one form or another.  If they haven’t at least gotten more sophisticated over the years, we have a bigger problem.

Now you may be wondering what Valentine’s Day Gifts you should get your husband, wife or significant other.  Allow me to present Tipsy Totes! We have a unique selection of items you won’t find anywhere else and that extra thought goes a long way in relationships. Everyone wants to be thought of and appreciated. So appreciate your S.O. with something amazing!

 Tipsy Love for Valentine's Day!

I have 2 new favorite gift items that make Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts, not to mention anniversary gifts, birthday, any time you want to express a lovely sentiment.


The Waking Up To You Is Magic Coffee Gift Set.

It’s the perfect balance for the coffee lover & choco-holic!  A jumbo sentimental cup that show your feelings and Godiva chocolates, plus a little something extra. Whiskey filled star chocolates…fancy!

Waking Up To You Is Magic - Jumbo Mug Gift Set


I Saw You In My Dreams Tea and Cookie Gift Set.

This mug exudes love and emotions. I saw you in my dreams…you’re better than I could have imagined. Speaks of a longing until you met. And a full heart now that you have.

The jumbo mug is paired with tea, cookies and rock candy sugar stir sticks for extra sweetness.

Makes a great Valentine’s Day Gift for him or her!  It’s the emotion behind it that also makes it a prefect birthday present, anniversary, newly wed surprise or any time you want to express your love with a gift.

I Saw You In My Dreams - Jumbo Mug & Tea Gift Set


Gifts for Men on Valentine’s Day…we’ve all seen them. Heart Underwear? Corny shirts? Flowers he probably doesn’t want. Grandma always told me the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sure, things change over time, but who doesn’t like a good snack. I say it still applies, at least some times.

Enter: The Man Gift: Grub Bin! It’s a fun and functional metal lock box filled with carefully curated upscale treats. When a snack attack happens, he’ll be prepared. Maybe your girl doesn’t love girlie stuff, but likes savory treats. Try this!

 The Man Gift: Grub Bin Gift Set


Another favorite of mine is a play on the traditional rose bouquet. The gift of roses but more practical and invites a self-care night, it’s a win-win in my book!  The Gift set is a lovely presentation for her. Pamper he with the fragrant Desert Rose and a glass of wine. It’s a gift she’s sure to remember. Gift set includes body wash, body lotion, soaking bath salts, body spray, body scrub and a lip balm plus a woven display mat.

Desert Rose Spa Gift Set 

Let’s not forget about traditional Tipsy Totes products! The Corset Wine Tote is the perfect Date Night tote to set the mood!  For a classic gift in a spicy presentation, just add Champagne and a box of chocolates.  Classic gift…elevated. She won’t forget this Valentine’s Day surprise!

 Corset Wine Tote

We can’t not discuss the 50 Shades part of Valentine’s Day either. Women still fantasize about Christian Grey. Still want that surge of excitement. A special day deserves a special treatment, right? We offer the 50 Shades Wine Labels for free! Just download the file and put them on your beverage of choice! And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, consider the handcuffs…companion to the 50 Shades labels. Don’t forget your safe word.

50 Shades Wine Labels

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