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Why you should get your Valentine a Tipsy Tote this year!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you started thinking about what to get your significant other? Let’s face it, she’s probably over the traditional flowers and box of chocolates. She deserves better, not to mention the candy and flowers are so cliché. Put a little more effort into her gift this Feb 14th! We suggest a Tipsy Tote. 

Bustier with Flowers


Tipsy Totes are made for wine, beer and/or spirits, you can’t go wrong with any of our totes or accessories. While women love chocolate, you might be encouraging her to break a New Year’s resolution or her healthy eating. Everyone’s heard about the health benefits of wine, plus, she’ll probably appreciate that you can share the wine. Flowers will wither and die, it’s a given. But plan ahead and get a custom-made wine tote and you’ll have something she will remember forever. If you still want flowers, many of our totes can double as flower holders! Just put the vase of roses in the Bustier Purse or the Bustier Double Wine Carrier and she'll have an awesome gift that will long outlast the flowers alone! 

Tipsy Totes' Corset Tote with Roses


We have wine and spirit totes for romantics, the light-hearted and everything in between. Do you have special names for each other? Really WOW her and put it on her Tipsy Tote! Request her favorite colors or add a wedding or anniversary date if you like. Need a gift for your guy? We have those too!

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