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Wine Pairings...Halloween Movies and What to Drink With Them!



October is here and Halloween is upon us!  Ok, so it's a ways away, but the festivities have begun! Halloween candy lines the grocery store isles, Halloween City pop-up are already luring us in, and scary movies are just waiting to terrorize  us.

Which brings us to the topic of today's blog...what do you drink while watching those Halloween movies? I myself, am not a fan of horror movies. I have vivid nightmares that don't pair well with Halloween slasher or horror flicks. I'll watch them while the sun is out and the lights are all on, thank you! Forget after terrifying screams and I'll pass on watching them in the theater darkness. Yikes! So this list is perfect for people like me- who will end up watching Halloween movies at my leisure - during the day...with alcohol.

So cozy up and grab your wine glass! I put together a list of movies I'll be watching this October and what I'll be drinking with each. Join me! It'll be fun! 


A Quiet Place

Paramount Pictures 2018

A Quiet Place

I feel like I missed the boat on this one! I didn't see it in the theaters, so I'm saving it for a spooky wine and movie night. I'm a complete wuss so it's probably better this way. Wine dulls the fear, right?!?

The concept of the movie is you get hunted if you aren't quiet. In keeping with this theme, I'm going to pair A Quiet Place with a...Screw Cap! *Gasp* I don't want the evil to find me when the cork pops!  And I'm going to take it a step further because I've been in love with John Krasinski since The Office. I've decided that I will be sipping on The Velvet Devil Merlot wine while lusting after John. The wine boasts dark fruit, cedar and black cherry in a smooth merlot...sounds perfect to me!  When Jack Ryan starts again I feel like I might be sipping this one again, mostly because I want him to be my velvet devil - in my head it seems fine.  Everyone's entitled to their wine fantasies! 

A Quiet Place    The Velvet Devil Merlot    


Hocus Pocus

Disney 1993

Hocus Pocus

A Halloween cult classic! I don't know about you, but if I don't watch Hocus Pocus during Halloween, it doesn't feel like Halloween! It's a lively, not to be taken seriously good time with the Sanderson Sisters...and who can forget Sarah Sanderson running Amok!

Since Vegas is still 90 degrees, I feel no rules! I'm going to pair the Hocus Pocus movie with a Rosé! (Are there really rules when it comes to what you like anyway?) I'm going to choose the Cupcake Sparkling Rosé OR the BABE Rosé...because I totally want to channel Sarah Jessica Parker in that movie and a sparkling rosé seems like a fun and bubbly vixen.

Cupcake Sparkling Rosé     Babe Rosé



Halloween (the 2018 version)

Universal Pictures 2018

Halloween 2018 Miramax

This is another that I have on my list to watch because scary movies in a theater make me cringe. I'll watch them in the afternoon with all the lights on, thank you!

So this slasher film disregards all the sequels to the original 1978 version and picks up years later with Michael Myers escaping once again. Since it's a slasher, bloody film the pairing has to be a red, no question about that. There's a fun brand of wine out of Australia that I feel would pair fantastically with the movie. Let's note that in my mind the brand is KillingBin - not accurate but Halloween made it so!

The Killibinbin brand as a couple different Shiraz varieties to pair with Halloween - this may just be a 2 bottle movie for tasting purposes, of course. The Scream Shiraz is described at full bodied with dark fruit jam flavors and get this...KILLER VANILLA. I mean it sounds delightful. Bold and intense with smooth tannins sounds like a Jamie Lee Curtis Scream Queen wine to me!  And for the second bottle, same brand but (and this one describes me perfectly) The Scaredy Cat! Pairs perfectly with the movie or pairs perfectly with me?? In any case this one is a deep, vibrant color (good thing because scary movies turn me white) with a hint of cab for a fantastic texture and light tannins.

Killibinbin Wines      


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney 1993

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Full disclosure, my favorite Disney movie. I make sure to watch it at least once a year - preferably around Halloween, but when it comes on at Christmas I'm all in too!

Jack! The Pumpkin King is bold and bright and inspired! He took a chance and lived his life and was inspired when he got back to his reality...with the adorable Sally and Zero. 

The movie is lighthearted and so engrossing with fun characters like Oogie Boogie, Dr Finklestein and the clown with the tear away face. I am pairing a Pinot Noir with the movie. And of course it has to be Halloween themed so I found Maelstrom! because Jack caused violent turmoil for Christmastown. The wine is complex and layered, so perfect for watching Jack and his misadventure.

Maelstrom Wine        The Nightmare Before Christmas



It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Warner Brothers 1966

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

While I can't seem to make it through this movie without falling asleep, it's a family classic. Charlie Brown is a piece of history that kids should be exposed to, even if just to show them what classic cartoons used to look like! 

I have good memories of watching the Charlie Brown special on tv when I was a kid and looking forward to Halloween night with my sister. It was a different time and that shouldn't be forgotten. While I'm nostalgic - the movie definitely sends me down memory lane and it warms my heart. I think the perfect pairing is mulled wine! A bottle of red with warm spices and fall fruits seems like a match made in wineland! And if it's still 90 degrees and not really "fall" yet, just turn down the AC for a little while to enjoy the moment.

Mulled Wine   It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown



Tell me your thoughts and if you tried the pairings! Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!


And I'll leave you with this one last thought! Yes, the Halloween themed wine is fun, but not all of us want to go out and buy the wine. Some of us have wine at home we want to drink or a favorite bottle that pairs with EVERYTHING! Tipsy Totes gives us a simple solution! Halloween Wine Labels! Serve your own fabulous wine in a holiday mood. And the best part...the wine labels are free and can be yours in seconds. Just download and print



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Cheers and Happy Wining!


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I had no idea here were so many Halloween wines! I’m excited! thanks for sharing. I need to download the wine labels too. those are too cute


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