Mother's Day Activity Gift Box


We're excited you purchased a Shoot for the Stars Activity Gift box! 
If you want to make this a family activity - please visit this page to purchase additional shirts for the family Here
Here's how to create your own star galaxy for your dreams and aspirations.
1. Find a sunny place outside and protect your area from any bleach over-spray.
2. If you don't want the same design on both sides of your shirt, put protective plastic inside to keep the bleach from soaking through.
3. Fill the spray bottle with undiluted bleach. We used regular bleach - not the no splash variety. ***Always supervise children with harmful substances!***
4. HAVE FUN! Spray your shirt with Stars! Light mists will lighten look more light distant stars and won't be as dramatic, heavier drops will create larger, brighter areas of bleach. If you're feeling artistic you can take an old paint brush or Q-tip or cotton swab and paint your constellations and stars.
5. Allow to completely dry in the sun.
6. Flip the shirt over and decorate the back if you want and again allow to complete dry.
7. Wash the tees on a regular cycle and dry as normal.
8. Show off your wearable art and tag us! @tipsytotes
We want to celebrate with you!