Diva Wine Bag with Hot Pink and Silver Reversible Mermaid Sequin Fabric and Feather Trim

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Every woman has a little Diva in her.  Now there’s a Wine Bag to show off your inner Superstar. Bling it, Pucker it or Wild Side it…there’s one for everyone!  

This Diva Wine Bag is a bright, bold hot pink/silver reversible sequin material with black feather trim.

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  • Single bottle tote
  • Stunning reversible sequin outer fabric in hot pink and silver
  • Black Feather trim
  • Insulating material to keep cold drinks cool
  • Fully lined with Black Satin
  • Secure cording handle 

Each Diva Wine Bag is designed to hold a bottle of wine, champagne, tequila, vodka, whiskey…an so on! Holds most 750ml bottles.  Each bag is sensual and provocative with hot pink and silver sequin outside and a full satin lining inside. Secure cording handle and topped with feathers for the full Diva effect.

These Diva Wine Bags make the perfect dinner wine gift, birthday gifts, and all are adored by wine lovers everywhere. Pick one up for you and don’t leave out your best friend. Because friends don’t let friends drink alone….with boring wine bags.

[custom_html]Structured, insulated wine bag made of touchable hot pink to silver reversible sequins and topped with matching black feathers. Single Bottle Carriers for most 750ml wine and spirit bottles with cording handle. [/custom_html]