Red Metallic Lips with Red Fur Beer Coolie for Water or Beer Bottles

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Fluffy Fur. Kissable Lips. Fabulous. It’s everything you could ever ask for in a beer sleeve.

Tipsy Totes loves flare and wants every woman to be fearless with her fashion statements -  and that includes drinking accessories. From Sexy Girls Night Out to chill beach days, ladies you need the right statement piece! And a Tipsy Totes coolies is IT. 

Each Coolie is made to superior standards and include a insulating material, fur trim and of course fun, sexy bright red metallic lip fabric.

Tipsy Totes Koozies are designed to hold most 12oz beer bottles and most 16.9oz water bottles. Each Coozie measures 6.5" tall and approximately 2.5" in diameter. Call it whatever you want - beer cozy, beer coolie, beer coozie, beer whatever! You and your friends need some bling for you beer! ~Cheers~

[custom_html]Insulated Koozie made of bright red metallic lip print material and topped with matching red fur. Holds most 12oz beer bottles and most 16.9oz water bottles.[/custom_html]